business-credit-scores.jpgBusiness Credit Scores

Welcome to Volume 2 of the Credibly Business Journal, a quarterly publication full of expert advice for small business owners.

We partnered with our friends at Experian to create an issue devoted entirely to debunking the mystery surrounding Business Credit Scores. In this issue you'll learn:

  • What a Business Credit Score Is
  • Why Business Credit Is Important
  • How to Build Your Business Credit
  • How to Protect Your Business Credit Score
  • How Your Score Factors Into Lending Decisions

At Credibly, we believe that regularly monitoring your business credit gives you a better sense of your creditworthiness compared to other business owners, and helps keep you protected, as explained in the pages that follow.

We hope this Journal shines a light on business credit and removes some of the mystery, and that you’ll consider Credibly when you seek right-sized capital for your business.