The Advantages of Running a Food Truck Ebook:

Thinking about starting a food truck? This whitepaper covers some of the top benefits and strategies for taking your restaurant on the road.

What's Inside:

  • Getting started with food trucks
  • Saving on expenses & inventory
  • Maximizing brand exposure & loyalty
  • Blurring the lines: catering packages

Ready to Take Your Restaurant on The Road?

Food Truck Strategy

When done correctly, food trucks allow for some serious economic benefits. But capturing this additional value requires sound strategy and execution.

This ebook covers some of the best practices and methods utilized by successful food trucks to capture the full benefit.

Getting Started

Many people recongnize the benefits of opening a food truck, but they aren't sure where to start, what it costs, or how to scale the venture.

From purchasing a truck to choosing the right location, this ebook covers everything you must consider to get started.

Restaurant Upgrades

Although food trucks typically have smaller menus, staff, and require a fractionof the start-up capital, restaurants should take notes.

While the ideas in the ebook focus specifically on food trucks, they can be applied to benefit any restaurant.

*This ebook was created with the help of Vending Trucks, a company focused on providing access to Food Trucks.