Business Credit Scores

We partnered with our friends at Experian to debunk the mystery surrounding Business Credit Scores.

What you'll learn:

  • What a business credit score is
  • Why business credit is important
  • How to build business credit
  • How to protect your business credit score
  • What your score means to lenders

Everything You Need to Know About Business Credit Scores

Understanding Credit Scores

When you receive financing information about your payment history is compiled by one of the credit bureaus or providers and turned into a business credit score.

This ebook will help you understand what these numbers mean, how these bureaus identify your score, and why creditworthiness is important to your business.

Building Business Credit

There are many ways to build business credit. The best strategy for doing so depends entirely on your business goals, needs, and desire for specific capital solutions.

This ebook demystifies the art of building your business credit score and teaches you how to maintain great creditworthiness.

Appealing To Lenders

Credit scores are a financial benchmark lenders use to evaluate a business's health. But this isn't the only metric they look at when evaluating your a potential investment.

While this ebook focuses on building your business credit score, it's a great resource for making your business more appealing to lenders in general.